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Battle of the dinosaurs with combined ages of 1300 years runs its course at West Wilts Golf Club Battle of the dinosaurs with combined ages of 1300 years runs its course at West Wilts Golf Club

Tradition has it that The Seniors and The Wagglers, where combined ages must reach at least 1300 years including 20 bus passes, test their mettle against each other in the first match of the 2017 Season.

Steve Adams and Jeff Jones, as respective Captains, briefed their respective 10 man teams to show no mercy to the opposition as they eyed each with suspicion on the 1st Tee last Thursday March 23rd March under very blustery conditions, which were to prove so difficult that Steve Adams's trolley went on a 10 minute walkabout all on its lonesome down the quarry behind the 9th green! The initial 2 matches went well for The Wagglers with Jeff Jones and Anton Newton carding a 4 in 3 win over Steve Adams and Bob Earnshaw; Peter Walton and Brian Weedon continued the motion with their 2 in 1 victory against Walter Witts and Jack Winter. The Wagglers, however, then suffered a change of fortune losing the next 3 matches, namely, Bobby McKeown/Eddie Parkinson losing to Alan Welch/Ken Pearce, Richard Triggol/Martin Hicks-Lobbecke losing to Bill Powell/Dave Morgan and finally, Cliff Weeks/Harry Hassall losing to Cliff Howard/Dave Simpson. It would be remiss at this stage for the author, Martin Hicks-Lobbecke, not to relate his own golfing apocalypse on the day as he witnessed Bill Powell with a handicap of 20 record 9 pars! A magnificent achievement which must not fail to reach the radar screen of The Handicap Review Committee. No competition is complete without the 19th Hole where rivalry is quickly forgotten in the camaraderie provided by good food and a sufficiency of wine.

(Photo) "Ever magnanimous in Victory, Steve Adams on the left, Captain of The Seniors offers his condolences to Jeff Jones, Captain of The Wagglers on the right"

The final score in this veritable battle of the dinosaurs was a 3 to 2 victory for The Seniors. We wish good fortune to both Teams who now go on to play a lengthy home and away match programme against other Wiltshire golf clubs. Now, as tradition dictates, a story from the annals of golfing history. Way back in September 1973, Hale Irwin, playing in the Sea Pines Heritage Classic Golf Links in South Carolina, struck a ball that hit a female spectator on the chest. The ball became lodged in her bra and there was huge uncertainty regarding how to proceed within the Rules of Golf. A PGA official finally told the lady to remove the offending ball from her undergarment and drop it onto the green without penalty. The unusual incident must have brought Irwin good luck because he proceeded to win the competition by 5 strokes, finishing 12 under par and banking a cheque for $30,000.

(Article submitted by Martin Hicks-Lobbecke)

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